Silicone, Gipsy Beats, Big Business:
Payner Music

In an on-going effort to make the world of Chalga more accessable to western audiences, we are initiating a series about it’s heavy hitters. Up first is Payner Music headed by Bulgarian mega-mogul Mitko ‘Paynera’ Dimitrov. This record label is the ultimate Chalga Machine, successfully co-opting and monetizing the massively popular roma, Gipsy style of music that was all but stamped out or relegated to ‘wedding bands’ during the socialist 80s’. It’s production of vast numbers of hit records and it’s constantly growing harem of buxom singer-starlettes including Gloriya, Malina, Preslava, Maria, Anelia and of course Andrea, keep Payner on top.

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Anelia – So I Like It

Unlike in America, where music videos have largely lost their central role in the promotion of records, Chalga Music videos are crucial to the success of an artist and their public image. The singers videos are often co-funded by Payner and the singer’s own rich boyfriend and have a glossy, high production-value that allows them hold their own on a global stage (even if the content, styling or over-top performances clearly set them apart.)

Galena & Preslava – Come On, Prove Me

In addition, the annual Payner Summer Hits record assembles a collection of it’s latest pop-gems, there’s an annual festival, and it has it’s own television station, retail outlets and nightclubs in Sofia.

Malina – Passion, live at Planeta Derby Festival

Payner also recently enlisted Romanian hitmaker Costi Ionita to develop the sound of it’s newest batch of superstars: Andrea Teodora, Cvetelina Qneva, and also refresh the careers of already prolific artists Maria and Preslava.

Maria – Give You

Payner is not without it’s controversies. But more on that later…

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