Serbian Sexbomb Dunja Ilic

Without a doubt the best music videos coming out of Serbia at the moment are attributed to the rebellious pop-starlette and self proclaimed “Modern Goddess” Dunja Ilić. From performing Sex, Money, Power in a nun costume and flashing her lacy underpants to wearing only a scarf and dancing in a box for the entire duration of her huge stadium-banger Euforija (Euphoria), 21-year-old Dunja has hit the Belgrade music scene like a meteor.

Dunja’s burn song Zla Luda Kucka (Evil Crazy Bitch) features her writhing around an icy throne. She says the song was written after her  ”heart was broken…In such situations arise such songs.”

Sefica Podzemlja (Queen of the Underworld) marked the begining of Dunja’s big money, big production videos. The track became a huge hit in the Belgrade gay club-scene, with Dunja quickly becoming an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights in Serbia: ”Public figures should have the mission to protect and support the gay population.”

Following that, the glamorous Nisam Laka, Maco (I’m Not Easy, Macho) a remake of a Romanian song is rumored to have cost 10,000 euros to produce.

And let’s not forget U Dahu (The Breath), where Dunja sports a sparkly, revealing Cleopatra look and sings about teasing men: ”Youd like to, try me tonight, but I would just, like to play a bit.”

To put it in Dunja’s own words: Balkania’s favorite number is Sex, Sex, Sex. 


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