Chalga-Diva: Cvetelina Yaneva

Photo: Kostadin Krustev

Cvetelina Yaneva, born Oct. 5 1989, like many Payner Chalga-Divas started her career as a folk singer and in 2008 released Stealing Love which thoroughly convinced the bulgarian music industry that she had some of the finest chops around. Even Azis allegedly declared her the “greatest voice he’s ever heard.”

Cveti’s latest video Broi Me with Dubai based Iraqi star Rida Al Abdullah continues and expands upon the pervasive Arab-exotica in Chalga. Her mega hits produced by (the Timberland of Balkania, if you will) have established Cveti as the youngest, biggest Chalga-diva in Bulgaria.

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Photo: Kostadin Krustev

Vlez (translate: Enter), a duet with Romanian tween sensation Ionut Cercel was one of the biggest hits of 2010, spawning a mini “vlez dance meme“.

In an industry fraught with infringement and homogenous production and styling, all Chalga-divas struggle to differentiate themselves. Cveti’s squeeky-clean image is her point of differentiation. She’s certainly a bombshell, but she’s more Preslava than Andrea, and more Anelia than Galena.

Here’s another Cvetelina hit, Make Me Cry (Remix):



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