Azis – The Early Years

After many hours of scouring Balkanic webspace through google translate, we’ve assembled a semi-complete videography of pop-folk titan Azis. This first edition features his earliest videos starting in 1999 with his debut Pain

Nobody (2003)

Vasil Troyanov Boyanov (Azis) was born in Sliven, Bulgaria to a wealthy Roma family. After spending some time in Germany and appearing in Roma chanting ensembles, he was given his first break by a producer because he was a gypsy.



Men also Cry

Weekday and Weekend: Azis’ duet with Cali featuring Juliana Kuncheva, the centerfold of the first issue of Buglarian Playboy.

The provocative video for Give It To Me— a crucial turning point— features for the first time Azis in all his sequined, pirate-eye-patched glory.

I Love You (one of Azis’ biggest hits)

One Life is Not Enough

No mirrors Azis own admissions “I am a Prostitute“. He claims he was once paid 10,000 euros to sleep with a prominent arab businessman.

Die and Wanted, the last videos from Azis’ early era are hybrid live performance & narrative videos.

WantedWarning: this contains a particularly brutal prison rape scene.

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