New Azis – St Tropez Official Video

Rawr. St. Tropez, the latest release from pop-folk titan Azis is a sort of fashion film, featuring new looks, his new body, and a greased up mediterranean tan. Azis claims he wrote the lyrics to St. Tropez in an hour after visiting the French beach resort town and being impressed with the lifestyle of the rich tourists who vacation there. Along side his Rihanna inspired red afro look, Azis wears a leather jacket worn by Britney Spears, and Swarovski crystal encrusted headphones.

“My idea came from the way some Western media described me – as a black belle. Obviously they think I am a black woman! I have no intention to stop tanning, I’d like to have a chocolate complexion all the time.” (Via MusicoftheBalkans)

Saint Tropez also features 18 year old Yordan Iliev, who became a viral sensation for his Bulgaria’s Got Talent dance audition where he showed off his hyperactive hip gyrating abilities.

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